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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Recording Equipment/Nesting Box

Some of you might be interested in the equipment I am using and how I assembled the black/white IR camera.

Here are two images of the nesting box and the hole I made in it to install the camera in its casing.

For those of you who are really is a list of the technical details of the camera (190800 - 62).

Description: 8,47 mm (1/3") CCD B/W-Camera with a 6 mm Lens
Voltage: 12 V/DC
Resolution: 297 984 Pixel
Current: 250 mA
Resolution (Lines): 380 Zeilen
Optical Resolution: 512 x 582 Pixel
Light Sensitivity: 0,01 lx
Aperture Settings: Yes
IR-Light: Yes
Integrated Optical Zoom: No
Integrated Microphone: Yes
Dimensions: (L x W x H) 55 x 38 x 25 mm

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