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Thursday, 18 March 2010


Yesterday the Sparrow continued working on the nest. I did not see any other birds visiting the nesting box, but I will have another look.

Today is Kamin-Day. I know this sounds, ehrm odd, but it is a long story, and a long story needs a title.

Late last year our landlord called us up and asked us if we were interested in having a stove in the flat. He told us that he was quite keen on having one installed but that he of course wanted our consent. After some hesitation, we decided that it would be nice to have a stove especially as the winter was coming up and it looked like it was not going to be a mild one. We called our landlord, told him that we were happy with having a stove and he made an appointment to have the people that were going to install it come along and have a look at the flat. Everything went smoothly and an appointment was made for the actual installation which was to be early in Jan. 2010. January came and it brought snow, I don't think I really have to mention it, but well January did not just bring snow, it brought masses and masses and tonnes of snow. The appointment was cancelled. The snow melted, the appointment was set again. It snowed. Needless to say, that this went on for well lets say, a couple of times.

So now here we are, I am sitting at home, waiting for the technicians to come along. It is March the 17th and Mr. Hardcore-Winter is basically over...ah but we get a stove well I kind of hopes it snows again.

Obviously there will be much going on today. A hole must be made in the external wall of the house which faces the garden. I hope (ok, euphemism, I am rather worried) that the birds will not be too put-off by the chaos and if they do not pay a visit today, I hope the Sparrow will continue nest-building tomorrow. The camera is on, so we shall see what happens today!

I will be doing some video cutting today as I have to sit around and wait for them to finish, so I will have some videos for you of yesterday's activities later as usual, stay tuned!!

...Here comes the van...

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