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Saturday, 13 June 2015


Sadly the hatchlings left while I was away, so unfortunately I missed it. 

I however think that everything went well. The protective metal grating that I had placed before leaving was still intact. So I believe that the cats did not attempt to catch the hatchlings.

I had put the metal grating in place as I had observed multiple times that two cats, attracted by the incessant chirping, more or less impatiently sat underneath the nesting box looking up.

I cleared out the nesting box this morning. There were no unhatched eggs. Maybe, as it is still quite early in the season, a new pair will come and nest. I am, however not very optimistic, as there are just toooo many cats.

When there are several nesting options available, then why take the worst one possible?!

.....Options. It is funny how given no options lack of freedom is regretted, complaints follow. But, when given options, hell breaks loose and “man” feels truly lost. 

It would thus seem that those famous "boxes" are not just limiting but seen as protective.

Why? Is not the ideal situation one in which one can create options for one’s self and for others, for the future?