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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Happiness in shades of blue....

Ok, so I did not post in, well.....absolutely ages and my last attempt was a teaser really, cos I never followed through. 

Yes, I've been busy – own choice of course. And it's been a fantastic year of wonderful new experiences. Not sure I could ever describe in words what it’s been like. It's been inspirational and adventurous, inebriating and challenging on so many levels….and I’ve loved every minute of it….the incredible highs and the few lows. Lows, which, however, I must say can only be called “low” because the highs have been so intoxicatingly high. Let me just say: I have been lucky in all possible ways, and so I have seized the day, the hour, the minute,… because, well who know how long things last….I am one immensly lucky happy bunny.

That is the best description I can provide for what has kept me away from birdies and the likes. 

But the birdies have not let me down, and again I have visitors this year. 

In the old wood-concrete box (better for so many reasons admittedly) it’s Blue Tits. The female is brooding. I have no idea how many eggs there are. It’s difficult to see as the nest is not a Blue Tit one, but rather one of Eurasian Tree Sparrows. The Eurasian Tree Sparrows probably gave up after they realised that the 4-legged-enemy-density has grown exponentially since last year. Yes, I am talking about cats. Unfortunately there is not much I can do.

I have not seen the male Blue Tit come to feed the female yet. Hopefully they will both survive the new unwanted (by me) perils of my garden. 

Even this aspect of life and its unstoppable drive fascinates me beyond description:
Two little tiny blue and yellow birdies, 12.5 grams at most, against a horde of feline well-fed, down right fat, predatorial-out-of-boredom killers. And yet, they come and breed, bring me joy, and life continues hopeful, full of energy, and chirpy - beautiful in its ferocious drive and in its complex simplicity.

My new nesting box remains untouched by birds. I guess I will have to start building wood-concrete nests if this trend continues….which is a real shame, as I am kind of optimising my design for ease of access, for camera replacements, etc. Oh well!

Instead, there is a little hornet’s nest in it. Last year the hornets were killed by some kind of bird. I hope this year brings better luck. I’d love to contribute to keeping the species going.

Please don't begrudge me if I never post again ;-)

I promise to do my best to share what is next to come. Life for our two little friends and the even more little ones to come will not be an easy one.