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Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Courage of Jumping into Emptiness

It is really funny to observe how the young birds prepare to depart. It is an amazing process.

One birdy hangs with half its body outside of the nesting box, the other half in the warmth of the box, waiting impatiently for an adult bird to come along and bring food. The desire to fly out is present but the missing courage to jump into emptiness is palpable. And thus the birdy waits for just one more round of feeding. Each time the excitement increases and the tiny feathered body slips just a couple millimeters further out of the box. In the meantime, in the back the excitement also grows as the remaining birdies unable to look out and be feed chirp incessently. Some test their wings other sinply hop about pushing whilst waiting in line for their turn at the entrance hole. The tension grows. The birdy slips one more time, a parent comes by bringing food taunting it to fly out. The birdy streches itself towards the parent. A few more millimeters of fragile birdy body hang out of the box, and then fear, it quickly pulls back.

The next birdy in line immediately hops foward and fills the hole but with only its head showing and it all starts over again millimeter by millimeter until the excitement is just too much to bare for just one young tiny birdy.