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Saturday, 17 April 2010

No progress but visits only

Nothing much has happened in terms of nest building. The Great Tit pair visits and much calling is made from inside and outside of nesting box #2. We shall see if this leads anywhere.

In the meantime, I was surfing the web for interesting fact and found this abstract...

"Studies of the dawn chorus in birds have focused mainly on the behavior and song output of males and on the function(s) of male song. Less attention has been paid to the females' behavior and to communication between members of a pair. In Great Tits (Parus major), males sing vigorously at dawn in the vicinity of the female's nest hole just before and during egg laying. We studied the female's vocal behavior during the dawn chorus as well as communication between pair members. All females vocally interacted with their mates from inside the nest box. Females produced a sound with a very low sound-pressure level only audible from few meters, which we have named the “quiet call.” This quiet call was unique to females and was only produced from inside the nest box. To our knowledge, our study is the first to show that both members of a pair vocally interact during the dawn chorus. Given that many temperate-zone bird species have similar life histories as the Great Tit, it is very likely that similar interactive behavior occurs in other (song)birds. This interactive behavior may provide a new and manipulable tool for testing hypotheses about the dawn song and can be used as a future bioassay of male vocalizations."


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