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Monday, 12 April 2010

Nesting Has Begun in Box #2???

I am happy to announce that the Great Tit Pair made their first contribution to the nest in box #2 on Saturday, as the video below shows (unfortunately without sound for some reason...).

Nothing happened on Sunday (I must admitt though that I did get up late and that the birds did visit before...but not after...I started recording...deduction made from the fact that the last recorded image of Saturday and the first of Sunday are different).

The weather was grim to say the least and it is cold again (4 miserable degrees this morning and rainy), so I wonder if nest building will continue or not.

On Sunday a solitary Sparrow visited nesting box #1 serveral times but that was about it.

At any rate, observing these little creatures is relaxing and fills me with awe :-).

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