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Thursday, 1 July 2010

JUmpy Birdies!

....I was looking through the emails of the past hour to see if anything had happened in box #2. It is really hot and I was wondering how the birdies are coping....and then I almost fell off my chair....

I could only see 4 birdies!!!!

I thought: time to eat, forget eating, drive home!...No it cannot be, they are just JUmpy and are flying around in the box and looking out a bit, nothing more....BUT I can see only 4?!!!!???!!!

Okay, be patient, wait 2 more minutes, I thought...ahhh...

5 tails...I am counting tails now.

Indeed the last few days before departure the birdies in box #1 were really JUmpY.

I am expecting them to fly out on Sunday the latest. I hope they do not fly out before Saturday morning! Also, I do not expect them all to fly out at the same time. As posted previously 1 of the 5 is a bit behind development-wise and I think it will need a full extra day.


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