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Tuesday, 29 June 2010


The birdies are growing and growing and growing. I expect they will be flying out in about 1 week. I do not know if it is just me, but the 5th hatchling does not look quite as healthy, it is not just the fewer feathers. Still I think it has good chances.

I was quite lucky a couple of days ago: I saw ca. 4 of the hatchlings from the 1st batch. They were on the northern balcony making hatchling calls. Mother bird was still feeding has been 2 weeks!! They still look very much like young birds. Their colours are not those of the adult birds yet: they are mostly yellow and black and lack the white feathers on their heads. I noticed that their flying and landing is now quite smooth.

Another side note: I had prepared a scrambled egg to help mother and father bird feed their offspring in box #2. Other bird-friends have claimed that mother and father birds around Germany made good use of the scrambled egg and fed them. Well my Great Tit parent-pair just ignored the egg. Sparrows instead showed a great interest and started feeding. I noticed one female bird act like a "hamster". She tried so hard to fill her beak with as many pieces as possible with the funny side-effect that she would pick one piece up and a couple of other would fall out of her beak. After a couple of minutes and a beak-full of egg she would fly away. I have some pictures that I will post soon.

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