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Monday, 28 March 2016

Just when things start getting exciting....

....the videoserver stops working! Argh! :-)

The images of last night show that a Great Tit is sleeping in the nesting box which already has some nesting material in it.

Now the wierd thing is: the material that is in there is clearly not moss. And that is a good or a bad thing depending on which birdy you wish to see nesting.

The current content is twigs. The twigs and the way they are placed may indicate sparrows. Perhaps Eurasian Tree Sparrows.

And hence the drama may unfold yet again. The usual territorial fight: Eurasian Tree Sparrows vs. Great Tits.

I have not seen many Blue Tits looking at the nesting box. Then again, I have not been around much to state that I have performed careful and extended observations, so I might be wrong.

I observed a Great Tit bringing in stuff thing morning. I will continue to observe and in the meantime try to fix the videoserver.

Until then I wish you all a serene Easter.

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