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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Pi-Birdies! Part VII - Priorities

...what can I say....

I spent some time writing a python code for streaming to a server (which I shall post as soon as it is completed).
And then I played around with the desktop settings of Raspian to be more "spacey"....for my Feng Shui and well for a myriad of other reasons, including: should I forget what it is that I do professionally, I now have to only turn on my Pi and stare at the desktop in oblivious ignorance! Soooo simple! :-)
And this what I have come up with so far in terms of the nesting box. I will not refine it at the moment and will play it by ear as I construct it. I have to add some inner structure to it as I will be making both the front and sides "openable".
Oh!...and....a happy and serene 2016 to all!

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