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Saturday, 30 May 2015

A week after first light

A week has passed since the hatchlings have "seen" first light (they actually hatch with closed eyes). I was away the whole week and upon my return I was delighted to discover that the chirping from the nesting box has significantly increased.  From the live-feed I can distinguish 4 or 5, which is not very many given that Blue Tits generally lay in the order of 10 eggs.

I love to just sit outside and watch as the busy parents fly in and out and to hear an outburst of high-pitched chirping every time. 

I love it so much that I sometime sneak up to the nesting box and tap gently on it to trigger those hungry music boxes.

Today, as I was looking at the live stream I was trying to determine whether I will be home when they leave the nest in approximately two weeks. I might be lucky. It truly is the best part of it all: to see the little ones leave the nest. 

And it is nice and amazing how it is all more or less pre-programmed. This in turn gives it all an irrefutable sense of certainty, equally justified and unjustified. The uninvolved observer. The bird's eye view.

Today I was told that at my age life is good. As the lovely person that was telling me is more than a few years older, I for a second wondered if those words spoken to me were triggered by the same “bird's eye view” and associated tranquillity. 

To have both, to master both youth and this irrefutably experience-given, though not necessarily legitimate, tranquillity while pushing beyond all experience-conceived boundaries…… to master youth of the mind knowing that it will never abandon you and thus achieve the tranquillity necessary to do exactly that which is necessary at the precise moment when it is needed…. 

...a challenge for all ages alike.

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