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Saturday, 31 March 2012

2011 Nesting Box Timelines

2011 Events in Nesting Box #1 (NB-1)
2011.05.14 - Hatchling eyes are "slit"-open
2011.05.09 - Hatchlings present (chirping heard!)
2011.05.08 - 1st observed worm transport in nest
2011.04.26 - 1st night in which Tree Sparrw sleeps in nest (hypothesis: brooding has started)
2011.04.11 - Eurasian Tree Sparrow nest building
2011.04.11 - Disputes between the Sparrows and Great Tit occur in tree next to NB-1
2011.04.10 - Great Tit female returns to NB-1 but Tree Sparrows defend overtaken NB-1
2011.04.09 - Tree Sparrows attack Great Tit female and overtake NB-1. Sparrow start nest building over Great Tit nest
2011.03.31 - Great Tit female starts nesting bulding

2011 Events in Nesting Box #4 (NB-4)
2011.05.14 - Great Tit females still spends considerable time in nesting box during the day but no eggs laid so far
2010.04.22 - Great Tit female sleeps in nesting box for the 1st time (i.e. hypothesis 1 egg layed)
2010.04.21 - Switch NB-2 body to NB-4 body for optical (camera) access. Great Tit female continues to build nest.
2011.04.18 - Placing of NB-4 and almost immediate start of nest building by Great Tit. Sparrows acknowledge existence of nest (no attacks witnessed).

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