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Friday, 28 May 2010


Whilst in the first nesting box the hatchlings are growing steadily and have now sprouted small tiny feathers (I will post an image later)....nesting box #2 has also seen drammatic changes occuring in it....

An egg!!!!!!!!

A Great Tit Pair had started showing interest in the 2nd nesting box ca. 1 week ago and I had seen a female carrying nesting material inside the box. I however thought that she might have lost interest in the box as she did show considerable interest in nesting box #1 and its content. I have seen her linger around in the garden and also frequently saw her mate hopping about on the roof of nesting box #2 (I thought he might be trying to attract her attention back to their originally nesting location).

I unfortunately do not have the equipment to save both video streams so I am afraid nesting box #2 will have to wait another 2 weeks ca. By then the hatchlings of box #1 should be ready to explore the world and the second female Great Tit will have ca. another week and a half to go of brooding. I am excited and hope that all goes well!

I will check later to see if the second female will sleep on her first egg just as the first female did.

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