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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Counting the Days

I am counting the days impatiently!

Days and maths can drive you mad...I am serious...

Now: brooding started, according to my own calander, on the 11th of May. Apparently it takes 14 days for the eggs to hatch, right so that brings us to the 24th of May (11th is included). Unless of course the 11th was not so serious and it really did start on the 12th then the egs would hatch on the 25th, unless the night-time brooding does actually count...I mean, she does sleep on them and by doing so does keep them maybe they will hatch on the 24th.... you see?

At any rate, I hope they hatch on the 24th. It is a holiday here in Germany, and I do really want to be there and see it "live" through my camera. I am really quite excited.

At any rate... here a new picture and an "egg-rolling video"...I will try and do some video cutting soon...

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