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Saturday, 6 March 2010

My Nistkasten Project 2010

Early in 2010 (just under 2 months ago), the idea came to me that it would be quite interesting if not fascinating to observe the procreation of birds. How they examine a nesting location, prepare it, prepare the nest, lay eggs and incubate them, how the hatchlings hatch, how the parents feed, how the young birds grow...I think you get the picture: a natural process that repeats itself over and over again, but that is certainly more than just a challenge.

I looked for information, obviously turning to the web and quickly found producers offering ready made equipment, expensive but ready. I decided that I wanted to not just observe the birds, I wanted to work towards observing the birds and so I once again set out to find information on how to set up the equipment myself.

After ca. 2 weeks of undecided deciding...I was hesitant as to what camera, what cables, what Nistkasten, what everything basically.... I finally ordered all the necessary equipment on the 18. of February from Conrad. On Saturday the postman had a delivery for me. I was excited and ready to work.

I must say that I was slow in my progress, due in part to work, in part to other matters.

Finally on 27th of February, a Saturday, after a full day of work in the basement I was done: 21:30, to avoid curious winged on watchers, I sneaked out in the dark and installed the Nistaksten.

Early the next day, I removed the old Nistaksten which was still hanging outside but also moved the content of the latter to the newer one in the hope of making it smell and look "bird-able". 

I found a tiny egg abandoned under hay and feathers: probably the remains of the previous year.

On Monday the 1st of March I tried transmitting the images online, but failed miserable so I opted for the more memory intensive recording which I have been using ever since....

I do not know if it will work, but if it does not, the viewing so far has been far from boring.....!!

Stay tuned to find out who exactly has been my guest.

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